Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tuesdays with "Morrie"

Years ago I read a well known booked called Tuesdays with Morrie.  This exceptional book is written by Mitch Albom and tells the story of a young man who finds a mentor is his college professor from twenty years ago who is dying.  This young man spends every Tuesday with Morrie gleaning life lessons and wisdom beyond measure.  It is a deeply touching book and well worth the read.

Last Tuesday I trudged up the stairs to my piano lesson at my teacher Maureen's house.  For some reason I wasn't really in the mood for piano that morning, just didn't feel like engaging my brain and having to concentrate on something.  Maureen is such a sweet lady, she is almost 80 years old and has been teaching piano since she was a teenager!  Her home is a warm haven, always filled with so much love and warmth and the smell of freshly brewed coffee which we always share together.

I actually really love my Tuesdays with Maureen.  She and I chat about being mothers and wives and about friendship and our passions, it's almost therapeutic being there.  As I was leaving my lesson I chuckled that I have my very own Tuesdays with "Morrie", my Maureen.

Since I have had Sydney I have been so grateful for the presence in my life of women who have lived through motherhood and can offer sage advice and wisdom.  Maureen has become one of those very special women to me and I am so grateful to have my Tuesdays with Maureen!

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