Saturday, 1 February 2014


And just like that January is over and we welcomed in a new month today.  January was unseasonably dry and warm in Vancouver this year, it was so nice having some beautiful sunny days to be outdoors instead of hunkering down indoors for the usual thirty days of straight rain!  All this lovely weather means that things are starting to bloom way ahead of schedule around here so it's already feeling a little like spring, new and fresh.

Sydney had her second horseback riding lesson this week.  She is so keen to go, it's really wonderful seeing how happy she is to be riding horses.  This week she got to ride an Appaloosa named Sprite, it was quite a bit bigger than the ponies that she got to ride last week but was a very mild mannered and placid horse so they had a great ride.  She even went for a long ride down the road from the farm, it was so cute watching her perched way up there on that horse with a huge smile on her face the entire time.

Yesterday was Lunar New Year and here in Vancouver with our massive Asian population it was a big day of celebration!  We decided that since it fell on a Friday we would do a Chinese themed Shabbat dinner so we headed out to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond to find some Chinese New Year's decorations for our table.

Wow, what an experience!  The mall was decked out in giant red lanterns and decorations galore.  The excitement in the air was palpable!

We set our table using red napkins and placemats and I made General Tsao's chicken and green beans in black bean sauce for dinner, it was delicious and so fun!

Sydney's preschool teacher Carmen loaned her a pair of "cheater" chopsticks for the occasion.  Syd had so much fun using them!

Sydney had another art class at 4 Cats this week, they are learning about the artist Marcel Duchamp in class and are mimicking his artwork by creating stencils and overlaying them on their canvas.  Sydney chose to do a butterfly, she had such fun painting them.

I got together with my friend Liz for coffee this week and she brought a special package for Sydney and I, a belated Christmas gift filled with all sorts of treats for us.  It was such a lovely surprise to get a little gift.

Sydney's buddy Noa came over for a play date after school on Thursday.  We decided that we were going to have a spa day so I set the girls up in the bathroom and we painted their toes and then added nail stickers to them.  They were thrilled and had so much fun drying their nails with their very own hairdryer.

Sydney and I took a little trip out to Target in Richmond this week too to get a few treats for the loot bags that we're making up for our Valentine's party.

While we were there we couldn't resist picking up a few new pairs of shoes for Sydney along with the fuzziest, coziest pair of slipper boots for her to wear around the house!

We are looking forward to all the February will bring, it's a short month but oh so sweet!

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