Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Day in the Life

I woke up this morning with an assignment.  I wanted to capture Sydney's day on film, to really get a sense of what she's into these days.  Reading back over past blog entries my favourite ones are those that have the little details about small things that she did in a day that I've long forgotten about.  I love remembering them in this space so without further ado, here's a day in the life of Sydney, aged 4 years 4 months.


Almost every morning when I wake up the first words I hear are: "Mom, I'm hungry!"  Sydney likes to have breakfast minutes after waking up and she has chocolate chip pancakes every single solitary morning along with some sort of fruit.

Syd is obsessed with watching the reality show "19 Kids and Counting" right now, so every morning while eating said pancakes she chooses a recorded episode to watch.  Her morning ritual!


We woke up to a light dusting of snow all over the grass this morning and it pretty much snowed all throughout the day!  Syd was pretty excited and asked me to take pictures of it right after breakfast.

Luckily the weather stayed warm enough that all that snow that fell melted as soon as it hit the ground.  If it hadn't I'm pretty sure we'd be trapped indoors right now!


Sydney is Mommy's right hand gal right now.  Whatever I'm doing, be it cleaning, cooking, laundry or working on the computer she wants to be right by my side helping me in any way she can.

Saturday has become laundry day around here so this morning she and I sorted and washed load after load of laundry together.  Sydney can fully sort the laundry into darks, whites, gentle cycle and Daddy's work shirts.  She actually is a really big help to me on laundry day!


Syd loves doing art and crafts more than anything!  This morning over her mid morning snack of apple slices and banana bread she pulled out some boxes of Valentine's that we got on sale for 20 cents each at the drug store.  I had intended to tuck them away to save for next year but Sydney was having so much fun writing the names of each of her friends on them I just let her go nuts!


Sydney and Daddy spent some special time together today at Paul's barber shop, he took her along for his haircut.  She packed herself a little backpack filled with markers and paper and toys and snacks and sat like such a good girl waiting for Daddy to get his hair cut.

Coincidentally, Zach was at the barber at the exact same time so she got a little bonus visit with her brother while she was there!

The three of us popped across the street for a quick coffee and snack together at Bean Around the World before heading home for lunch.


Sydney is really into building things lately.  She absolutely loves her Magformers, today she built a huge skyscraper with them that was almost as tall as she is!

Bea's Birthday

This afternoon Sydney and I were invited to share in her friend Bea's 4th birthday party.  Bea requested that everyone dress up in costume for the party so Syd donned her Abby Caddaby costume from last Halloween and gave it a few embellishments.  I especially love the tutu on her head as a hat!

The kids had such fun at the party playing with toys and visiting and enjoying treats and cake. 

There were extra costumes around for the kids to use, Sydney really seemed to love this sombrero!


Sydney definitely gets the Sister of the Day award today, she braved the snow and cool temperatures with Daddy and I to watch Zach play rugby at Jericho field.  Wow was it cold!  We only lasted for about a quarter of the game before having to head home to warm up.


And warm up we did!  We both jumped in the bath and soaked and played until we were toasty warm again.


Then Syd set out to do her hair on her own.  She loves doing her own hair, drying it with the hairdryer (upside down no less!), brushing it and putting accessories of one sort on another in it.  Today she found my black hairband and decided that this was the look she was going for.


Sydney is always in the kitchen with me while I'm making dinner and often wants to create her own dishes to serve.  So today she got a giant green bowl, chopped up some cucumber and pickles and threw them in, poured some lemonade on top and added dollops of yogurt and then sprinkled bread crumbs on top.  She usually tells me that she's making an appetizer but today she informed me that this was the main course.


Sydney and I have a very set bedtime routine that involves bath, snack, games, books, brushing teeth and singing to sleep.  She loves to choose what she'll have for her snack and which games we'll play and books we'll read.  Tonight it was Candyland and Go Fish along with several books that we hadn't read before which was neat!

She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, what a full day for a little girl!

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