Monday, 17 February 2014

A Tickle Trunk and A Tea Party

I remember last year at this time when I had a parent-teacher interview with Sydney's preschool teachers.  We were talking about all the things that were capturing Sydney's interest in the classroom.  There were many: painting, writing, reading, playdough, crafts, outdoor and gym play.   One thing that Sydney was completely not interested in at that point was the imaginative play station where the children would often dress up in costume.

It has only been in the past few months that Sydney has suddenly taken an interest in dressing up in costumes, especially anything that looks like a princess!

So over the past few months we have amassed a pretty good collection of dress up gear which had been cluttering up her playroom and driving me a little crazy.  I decided that it was high time for a Tickle Trunk.

So I found a great pine trunk on Craigslist and Sydney and I bought some fantastic decals at Target and decorated the entire trunk together.

I love the final result!  It's so fun and feminine and is a great place to house all of those tutus needing a home!

Sydney and I had a special tea party together this weekend.  Her beloved preschool teacher Jen gave us a very special gift, a package of the most delicious green tea from Japan!

We steeped a pot and enjoyed some special time together over a warm cup of tea, thank you Jen!

I enjoyed a good dose of 'me time' today as my friend Amanda picked Sydney up from school and took her home for an afternoon play date.  This gave me an entire day to myself which I spent shopping downtown looking for some new clothes for the spring season.

I had such fun checking out the shops and getting a few new things for myself.  One of my favourites are these orange suede flats from J. Crew, so fun!

Sydney loved the day of the week socks that I got from H&M!

And this new letter 'S' shirt for her from Old Navy.

I so enjoyed having some time to myself, had lunch and a coffee and shopped until my feet hurt.  What a great day!

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