Monday, 3 February 2014


With sincere apologies to those who are reading this blog while tucked away in Arctic like temperatures, I am posting a picture of the crocuses that are already starting to bloom in Vancouver!  In fact, this picture was taken while on a walk on February 1st, that's early even by our standards!

The past few days have been cold and chilly with beautiful blue skies and brightly shining sun.  Looks like summer, feels like winter.  Perfect conditions for the third week in a row for Syd's riding lesson.

She got to ride the biggest horse yet today, an old pro named Splash.  She was so excited to go for a road walk and see lots of other horses and riders taking advantage of the beautiful day!

Today's lesson was about learning to use the reigns to stop and steer the horse.  It was incredible how quickly Sydney picked up on it!  Sonia showed her just once how to do it and she was using the reigns like she'd been doing it forever, leading the horse around the ring.  Pretty amazing!

We managed to squeeze in a little play at the park on the weekend while Daddy was getting his hair cut.

And then came home for some tea.  Sydney found my old Japanese tea set that I've had for years and has decided to adopt it as her own.  She loves choosing which beautiful teacup she's going to have and making a pot of tea to drink.

We so enjoyed watching Superbowl history on Sunday when the Seattle Seahawks won their first ever Superbowl by a landslide against the Denver Broncos!  I have to say, in past years I haven't so much been into football, but this year I really felt the excitement as our adopted NFL team made it all the way to the finals!

On Saturday night Paul and I got together with my sister Liane and her husband Eli and my brother Paul and his girlfriend Stephanie for a beautiful dinner for Dine out Vancouver at La Terrazza restaurant.  We had a fun time visiting together and catching up and have decided to make it an annual tradition!

Sydney enjoyed some time with her very special babysitter Megan, loving that we've been able to get out a bit over the past while! 

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