Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lunch with the Girls

This afternoon Sydney and I had the pleasure of having my Auntie Trish, cousin Sharlene and second cousin Kaylee from Squamish over for lunch. 

It was such fun seeing them, we really don't get together nearly often enough and we enjoyed chatting and playing with the girls and reminiscing a bit about times gone by growing up together in Burns Lake.

My Auntie Trish was always my favourite aunt growing up.  She had and has such enthusiasm and energy for life and is so fun loving.  I remember her always having fun activities, games and crafts at her house and making the most amazing food that she was always eager to share with family and friends.  She is truly a very special person and I'm so glad to have her in my life to this day!  It is such a pleasure to see her as a Grandma now with Kaylee!

Auntie Trish brought Sydney and I a special gift, some beautiful loose leaf tea from Lucas Teas in Squamish and a box of gourmet chocolates along with a magic marker colouring book for Sydney.

We always love passing along things that Sydney has outgrown to her little cousin Kaylee and today we sent her home with a box stuffed with clothes, toys and books that Sydney has past loved and we are hoping Kaylee will love in the future!

I caught Sydney at the piano this afternoon plunking away on the keys.  She discovered a 'demo' button that plays a song automatically from the keyboard and watched in hysterics as her fingers flew up and down the keyboard as she was pretending to play the tune that was playing!

Syd has brought home some gorgeous art from school in the past few days.  I especially love the envelopes and packages that she gives me that are filled with masterpieces all their own!

This morning while I was running errands I took a few minutes to stop by Chapters.  My friend Sarah gave me a beautiful cookbook for Valentine's Day which I already had, so I exchanged it for this amazing one called Eats.  It is written by a South African chef who divides her recipes by colour, for example a green section with recipes for spinach, broccoli and zucchini.  Can't wait to try out a few of her dishes!

Today also happens to be my brother Paul's 36th birthday.  I am looking forward to meeting up with him tomorrow to celebrate over a birthday lunch!

Happy Day!

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