Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wine Tasting Party

Last night, my friend Christina had the group of Dunbar Moms over to her home for dinner and a wine tasting party.  It was such a wonderful evening, her home looked so lovely all decorated for Christmas and we started the evening off by gathering in the living room with a glass of wine and sharing some amazing appetizers that Christina made: mushroom goat cheese tart, crab and artichoke dip, antipasto, brie and cranberries, it was amazing!

We continued the evening by having a blind wine tasting, each of us had brought a bottle of our favourite wine to share and Christina covered them all up and numbered each one.  We then each had a little sip from each bottle and made sampling notes and then revealed which ones were our favourites.  My fave, hands down, was the Orofino Red Bridge Merlot, it was amazing!!  It was so fun to try everyone's old standbys and discover some new amazing wines!

We ended the evening off with dinner, a lovely Chicken Parmigana, salad and roasted potatoes followed by trays and trays of homemade baking!  It was amazing food, Christina is such a fantastic hostess and we so enjoyed each other's company and swapped hilarious stories about our lives!  It was exactly the kind of evening that I needed after a very full week!  I truly enjoyed myself!

My friend Sally brought each of us a little gift for our kids, she is a policewoman with the Vancouver Police Department so we each got a stuffed Constable Pola Bear decked out in the VPD uniform, it was too cute!!

Right before I left for dinner my friend Andrea stopped by the house with a huge bag full of holiday goodies for us!  She had baked homemade butter tarts and brought a tin our way, yum!

She also gave Syd a Wow Toys recycling truck, Sydney loves the recycle truck when it comes to our neighborhood on garbage day so she was thrilled to get it!

Being the absolute sweetheart that she is, Andrea brought me some little treats too, some truffles, a David's Tea sampler and some Rocky Mountain Soap Company body wash.  It was a lovely surprise to get all these amazing gifts!

The Christmas fun continued when my friend Tracy dropped a package off on the front porch today too filled with a tin of the most delectable baking and some homemade gingerbread playdough for Syd with a little snowman cookie cutter.  So adorable!

I rounded off my day today by taking a little time to myself to have a pedicure with Tammy at Allure in Kerrisdale.  I have been seeing Tammy for my esthetic services for almost 15 years, I love how we feel as though we know each other so well and can share things about our lives with each other in the safe and warm confines of her spa!  What a treat to get my toes painted, she even did a little extra hot stone massage on my feet and legs, it was heavenly!

What a heartwarming day it was today!

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