Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shopping's All Done!

In years gone by, I always had a goal of having all of my Christmas shopping finished by November 30th so that I could just sit back and enjoy the busy month of December with all of it's festivities.  That goal is getting progressively harder and harder to meet with each year as my little girl gets more and more active and errands get harder and harder to run!

I am happy to say that as of today, December 6th, I am officially done my shopping, I will not need to set foot in a shopping mall now until the new year!  No prizes for creativity with the gifts this year, but I am done...Hooray!  I finished up all the little bits on my list today, got a beautiful Pointsettia for my friend Sarah who is hosting a Mom and baby Christmas lunch tomorrow:

And picked up a few small gifts for the adults in Syd's life that we see at her regular activities, her preschool teachers, gymnastics coaches etc.  It was fun to run through the stores picking up little things that I know Sydney will be giving everyone, it will be very cute to see her distribute the gifts this year!

I feel a very big sense of relief now as everything is bought, now it just needs to be wrapped, mailed, delivered which will all happen in a mad fury between now and the end of next week!  Never a dull moment around here!

In other news, Sydney got her first two year old molar yesterday.  She's been a bit crabby and whiny the past few days and I was wondering what was going on for her and then last night when I was brushing her teeth I saw that the giant molar had popped through the gums!  It looked like it would have hurt coming through, poor baby!  Three more to go and our teething woes are over for good!

That's what's new in my world, hope all is well in yours.

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