Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hannukah Party

What a full day we had today!  Our morning started off on a wonderful note with two of our friends stopping by to drop Christmas gifts off to us!  My friend Lori came by first and brought us the most delectable box of home baked Christmas cookies and treats along with some yummy Purdy's chocolates!

She also completely spoiled Sydney by bringing her the most amazing package of ladybug gifts ever!  Sydney was overjoyed to see her new backpack, mittens, hat and pencil case all in her favourite ladybug theme!!

Shortly after Lori left, our friend Saskia stopped by with a continuation of the gift she gave us yesterday.  She spent the entire day baking yesterday and dropped by some freshly baked goodies for us to enjoy: French Lemon Wafers, Pepparkakor and White Christmas, a white chocolate pistachio and dried fruit bark that is absolutely to die for!!

I love getting other people's baking, it somehow always tastes better than anything that I make!

After having a couple of quick visits with our friends, we headed off to preschool for the last session of the year!  Sydney's class was having a Hannukah party today, it was such fun!  The teachers said the blessing and lit the candles on the menorah and the kids ate latkes and applesauce and sang songs and listened to stories.

Levi, a little guy in Sydney's class, had his second birthday today, so his Mom brought some penguin shaped brownies to class to celebrate, Sydney literally inhaled hers, her face was caked in chocolate for the better part of the party!

At the end of the class, each child got a little gift bag filled with some stickers, crayons, a dreidel and the homemade menorah that they made last week in class.  It is so adorable, made from playdough and hand painted by Sydney!  I will treasure it forever!

It was such a fun class and a great way to end the year off.  Sydney and I headed over to her classmate Naomi's house after school for lunch and a play date, it was a great time getting to know Naomi and her mom Lissa better. On the way home, we noticed that their neighbor was doing some yard work and there was a digger in their front yard.  Sydney stood and watched it for at least ten minutes and then proclaimed "Mommy, picture, picture!"  She really wanted me to take a picture of it, she absolutely loves diggers, it's quite funny!

So all in all another great day.  It is such an amazing time of year filled with so much fun and love and joy!

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