Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Delivery Day

This morning Eryn came over bright and early and she and Syd and I headed out to deliver all of the baskets and gifts for Paul's office as well as the bags that I had made up for our Mom friends.  Our car was loaded down like Santa's sleigh and off we went driving all over the city doing deliveries for three straight hours!

It felt so great to get it all done in one fell swoop and was so encouraging to bring a little joy to so many people's days by giving them a gift.  Sydney did so well in the car, she really does not love being in her car seat, so I was a little worried about how she was going to behave but she did beautifully!  Eryn sat in the back with her and entertained her with books and toys and a lunch box full of treats!

One of our deliveries was to an office at Canada Place so I decided that it would be a good time to take a break and let Syd out of her car seat to stretch her legs.  The lobby at the convention centre downtown was completely decked out for Christmas with beautiful trees and the Woodwards window displays.  Sydney was so funny, belted out a huge "Wow!" when she saw the trees.  We stopped at the cafe there for a coffee and a cookie for Syd and it was just enough time to refuel before finishing up the rest of our deliveries!

When I popped by my friend Saskia's house to give her her present, she chuckled when I got to the door, she was in fact planning to stop by our house today to bring us a little something, so we saved her the trip!  She gave me this beautiful cream coloured beret, it is so soft and warm and has a snowflake on top, very cute!  She also tucked in some delicious chocolates and a Christmas ornament that you can put your own pictures into, very cool!

My friend Michelle also had a little treat for me, she had picked me up this "Message in a Cookie" set from Williams Sonoma, I have wanted one from the moment I first saw them!  This very cool device lets you custom make your own message to punch into home baked sugar cookies, I can't wait to try it out!  It will be so much fun to do with Syd, we'll have to spend a rainy January day in the new year baking up a batch of sugar cookies together to try it out!

This time of year is such fun at Paul's office too, we literally receive gifts almost every day of the week from other offices that we do business with.  Today Paul came home with an amazing fruit and cheese basket!  Sydney had so much fun opening it up and taking each piece of fruit out and telling us what it was.  She then picked up the hugest red apple that she could find and asked to eat it!  We will have no shortage of fresh fruit in our house for the next while!

So it was a lovely day of both giving and receiving.  I really do enjoy this time of year and all the more now that I am at home full time and have the time to really savour and enjoy it!

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