Friday, 16 December 2011

A Leisurely Friday with My Girl

Today was Sydney's last gymnastics class for this season.  The coaches made today extra special, pulled out the parachute and some special balls for some fun games and at the end of class we had a little awards ceremony where each child got to stand on a podium, lift their arms in the air over their heads and got a ribbon and report card.  It was too cute!  Sydney proudly marched back to me to show me her ribbon and the picture of her on the report card.  She has come so far over the many months that we have been doing Phoenix Gymnastics and we are looking forward to another round in the new year!

After gymnastics we were going to head over to our friend Sarah and Emma's house for a visit to drop off their Christmas present but Emma is under the weather, so instead we headed up to Dunbar and had a sushi lunch together.  I ordered Syd her own Cucumber Roll, it was so cute to see her eating them, she doesn't really like the seaweed so she just squeezes the roll in her hands until the rice pops out the top and eats it like an ice cream cone!

After sushi we decided to hit up Splash, our favourite local toy store and blow the Christmas money that my parents sent that was burning a hole in my pocket!  We ended up finding three things that I know Sydney will love: a stuffed Elmo, a school bus and a Scuttlebug riding toy.  Sydney had such fun in the toy store, she wheeled a kid's sized shopping basket around after she has stuffed it to the rim with baby dolls.  I was tempted to buy her one because she loves them so much but we have no shortage of dolls in our house so I thought I'd distract her with the giant stuffed Elmo which she absolutely adores!

After all that shopping we needed a little rest so we headed to the coffee shop next door and I sipped on a Peppermint Mocha while Sydney ate a slice of lemon loaf.  The coffee shop owner brought over a dancing Christmas decoration and set it on our table for Sydney to play with, she was thrilled, kept pushing the button to make it sing and dance.  It kept her entertained for a good half hour, just enough time for Mommy to catch her breath and enjoy a coffee.

It was a lovely morning with my girl, I truly love these days when she and I just go at our own pace and make some memories along the way!  I am posting a bit early today as tonight I am heading out to dinner at my friend Christina's place, she is having the Dunbar Moms over for a wine tasting party and is cooking us all dinner to boot!  Can't wait!

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