Wednesday, 4 February 2015


This short little month, February, often has a way of coming and going before I've had the chance to truly embrace it.  It's a busy little month, Valentine's Day, many birthdays for close family and friends, Family Day.  Lots of good reasons to celebrate.

Sydney is at such a wonderful stage right now, she is grown up without being a grown-up.  Most all of the time her behaviour is predictable, she is agreeable and happy and totally enjoys doing projects and being involved in whatever I happen to be doing at the moment.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching Sydney and I have been busy making Valentine's cards to hand out to the children in her class and the other Kindergarten class at her school.  Sydney has painstakingly handwritten each and every Valentine herself and then loving placed both stickers and heart shaped lollipop on each one.

She also has a very special snack bag to make for her friend Isla who is her 'snack buddy' from the other Kindergarten class.  As a special project the girls get to decorate and fill a snack bag for their buddy and swap bags on Valentine's Day.  Sydney and all of her classmates are so excited about this!

I really do love how much Sydney enjoys celebrations and tradition.  She warms my heart when I hear her talking about ideas for ways that we can make most any holiday a little extra special.

It's going to be a great week ahead with all of the celebrations around Valentine's Day coming up!

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