Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Family Day Weekend

Sydney had a four day weekend this weekend with Friday as a Pro-D day and Monday being Family Day.  It was a nice break from the busyness that is usually our week.

Friday morning Sydney's friend from school, Elizabeth, came over to play.  I love to see how comfortable Syd is with her classmates from school, there is such an ease to their play and comfort together from spending day after day in the same place.

The girls helped me make some challah.

And made their own little pizzas for lunch.

Elizabeth's Mom stayed after the playdate and we had lunch together.  It was nice to have a visit and connect.

After lunch we headed over to Christina and Jack's house to play and had a great visit with them and Gwen and Weston.  Christina and Ryan have just finished a reno on the suite in their basement.  We all went downstairs to have a look a the new space and the kids were so thrilled to have a wide open space with not one stitch of furniture in it, they happily played for the better part of half an hour just doing somersaults on the carpet, running and jumping and pretend sword fighting.  We were laughing about how much less really is more sometimes when it comes to kids.

On Saturday Sydney and I spent some time getting Valentine's cards organized for her school friends, Dunbar friends and our upcoming Valentine's party on Sunday.  It was a good rainy morning activity!

Syd had riding lessons again on Saturday afternoon, once again riding her old favourite, Teddy.

At Syd's request we headed to Granville Island on Sunday morning so that she could ride her bike onto the island and feed the birds, her two wishes for the day.  It was great to see her out on her bike again after many months of not riding! 

Sunday afternoon we went to the VSO Kids Koncert at the Orpheum Theatre downtown.  We arrived a bit early and had time to see some of the instruments upstairs as well as make a craft, a beautiful mask. 

The theme for the concert was Latin American music so when the orchestra played a song from Carnivale in Brazil the kids all jumped up to dance wearing their masks.  It was pretty cute!

Saturday night we had our friends Mike and Sarah and their daughter Emma over for dinner.  It was really nice to host dinner, it's been a while since we've had anyone over! 

Sydney and Emma were hillarious, they raided Syd's tickle trunk downstairs and dressed up in a variety of costumes to put on a show for us, dancing and singing all the while.  It was adorable!

We had a fun evening visiting together over some great food and wine.  I made a Beef Wellington and it turned out perfectly, a delicious recipe that I'll be sure to make again!

Emma brought Sydney a little gift when she came for dinner, a craft mosaic called 'I love horses.'  Sydney loved it and worked diligently over the next two days to finish all of the pictures!

Monday was a very chill day, rainy and quiet, very much a pajama day.  I popped out for a while midday to run with two Mom friends from Sydney's school, it's been great doing one of my training runs with them on the weekend.

So that was our rainy Family Day weekend, hope that you had a great weekend as well.

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