Tuesday, 18 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I love having a child for many reasons, one of which is it gives you a great excuse to really ramp up the holidays, even those that seem minor like St. Patrick's Day.

Sydney loves having what she calls a 'special breakfast' more than anything.  Every so often I will surprise her by setting the table with fancy dishes and flowers while she's sleeping and she'll discover it in the morning.  It's such a nice way to start our day together!

The night before St. Patrick's Day I set up her breakfast in the family room so that she could watch her very favourite TV show while she dined on breakfast.

I hung up the vintage crepe paper decorations in the bay window:

And set up a place setting with all things green.

Syd was all smiles when she saw everything set up for her in the morning.

I even made Shamrock pancakes for her, tinted the pancake batter green and everything!

What fun we had celebrating the day before heading off to school.

Sydney had another riding lesson yesterday afternoon.  It was yet another gorgeous, sunny blue-sky day, although it was way cooler than it looked!

Sydney went on her longest ever road walk this time expertly guiding the horse all the way. I love how she's all smiles while she's riding!

My favourite part of the walk was when we got to go down the secret alley on our way back to the farm!

Today was Sydney's last swimming class for the winter season at Aquaventures.  She has officially graduated from Starfish on to the Turtle level next term.  She got a report card and orange ribbon to take home today:

I've been doing a little shopping the past few days and have found some great finds!  Check out these very sweet spring dresses I picked up for Syd:

And my best find of the day was this old English cake plate that I scored at a local antique shop.  Can't wait to host another high tea to be able to use it! 

Paul came home today with a special gift from Danny and Heidi, a Purim basket stuffed with treats for us.  Syd was very happy to rummage through the bag and dig out all the treats!

What a nice way to end our day!

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