Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Week in March

This week passed by without me even noticing, it was a quick one!  It was, as always, a fun and full week.  Here's a little of what it looked like:

Parent Teacher Conversations

Sydney had Monday and Tuesday off of preschool as her teachers were conducting parent teacher conversations.  I always love to have the chance to sit down one on one with Jen and Carmen and chat about Sydney and how she is doing in class.

In preparation for my time with them, they gave me a pedagogical narration that they had prepared about a snapshot in Sydney's learning.  It was entitled "Sydney's Class List" and told a beautiful story about Sydney writing a list of all of the children's names in her class.

I absolutely loved reading about this event in Sydney's day and chatting with Jen and Carmen about how much learning was actually taking place in that moment.  It was so interesting to hear their comments about how Sydney is their #1 helper in class, very aware of the other children and her surroundings, loves to call all the children to the bathroom when it's time and is happy and ready to learn.  I left feeling like I had the best kid in the entire world!

While I was meeting with Jen and Carmen Sydney was at her friend Leo's house having a playdate.  She had so much fun playing with him and his little sister Tessa.

Lunch with Avior

We took advantage of our days off and got together for lunch at Whitespot with Paul's niece Tybie and her sweet little boy Avior who is just over three months old.

It was so sweet seeing how much Avior had grown and hearing about all the growing and developing that he's been doing.  Sydney was so sweet with him too, gently holding his hand and playing with his little feet.  She really loves babies so much and has such a tender, maternal way about her right now.

Happy Toes

Sydney and I spent a very special rainy afternoon together snuggled up on the couch at Pure Nail Bar getting side by side pedicures.

I love how excited Syd gets to get her toes done.  She absolutely loves rummaging through the millions of bottles of nail polish to choose her colour and sat like a little lamb the whole time while the esthetician was working on her feet.

In the end she had one foot bright pink and one foot turquoise and chose a very dark purple for me.

We celebrated our new happy toes with a little trip to the Cupcake store for a special treat afterwards.

Brunch with Liane

I met up with my sister Liane on Friday morning for brunch at IHOP which is fast becoming our usual haunt for Friday morning get-togethers.

It was so nice to see her and catch up on all that's happening before she leaves on a family cruise to Mexico next week.

Dinner at Andrea's

Saturday night was a very special night as my friend Andrea invited me and four other Mom friends out to her brand new home in West Vancouver for dinner.

Andrea is an amazing hostess and made the most amazing Mexican dinner for us complete with homemade ceviche, salsa verde, pico de gallo, white and red sangria and the tastiest fajitas.

We so enjoyed getting to see her beautiful new home after years spent building it, and enjoying each other's company over amazing food and drinks.


The other day Sydney and I found a little ladybug crawling up the wall in my bedroom.  I caught it on a piece of paper and let Sydney hold it in her hands before we released it outdoors.

She was so thrilled!


I have been buying bouquets of fresh tulips for the house in celebration of spring's arrival this month.  Sydney saw me throwing out some old ones the other day and asked me if she could have the petals to collect in her little wicker basket, it was very cute!

Little Office

Sydney has claimed a new space in the kitchen as her own little office and has set it up with all the supplies that she needs to do her daily projects.

It's very sweet to watch her working diligently away on things at her little table, happy as can be!


Daddy continues to delight Syd by building forts overnight while she's asleep.  I just love watching her face when she walks downstairs in the morning to see her very own surprise fort.


Sydney and Daddy took their first bike ride of the season on Friday afternoon.  While they were out Sydney picked me a bouquet of the sweetest little white flowers which she put in a vase and used as our centerpiece for our Shabbat dinner table.


Sydney outdid herself for Shabbat and made the most beautiful appetizer shaped like a flower.  The petals were little grape tomatoes cut in half and she broke up a biscuit for the center.  Just love her presentation!

Yard Work

With spring right around the corner Sydney and Daddy have been busy getting the yard cleaned up together.

Tie Dyed Cake

Sydney's preschool teacher Jen's birthday is this week so this afternoon Syd and I baked the coolest tie dyed cake for her which we will take to school to surprise her with on Tuesday.

Syd absolutely loved making all the colours of batter and the end result was very neat!


We spent some time this afternoon at Bubbie's while she and her caretaker Emma made Hamentashen in preparation for Purim which is coming up next week.  Delicious!

We are looking forward to a wonderful spring month ahead!

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