Thursday, 20 March 2014

An Afternoon at Science World

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to plan things.  In fact, throughout the day you will often find me with my daytimer (yes, paper daytimer, I know, I'm a dinosaur!) in my lap flipping through the pages planning and scheduling things for the weeks and months to come. 

I've been making a point lately of trying to book at least one after school play date a week with one of Sydney's buddies from school as the end of the year is approaching all too quickly and I want to make sure Syd spends as much time with her beloved friends as she can!

This afternoon I had planned to take Sydney and her friend Sophie to the aquarium for an afternoon outing but poor Sophie came down with something last night and was home from school sick today.

When I picked Sydney up from school I broke the news to her and offered to take her on her own anyways, but she said she wanted to wait until next week to go with Sophie and that she'd rather go to Science World this afternoon instead.

Sometimes the spontaneous, unplanned days are just the best and today was one great example of this.

Sydney had the best time playing with the gadgets:

Then headed to the room with the Keva Planks to do some building:

Before completing a little craft, fashioning her very own vehicle using pieces of scrap material:

Then taking in the amazing Lego exhibition:

This wall hanging, made specifically for the Vancouver run of the Lego displays, was made entirely of over 80,000 Lego pieces!

No trip to Science World is complete without a wander through the gift store.  Sydney decided to come home with a package of water balloons (the only thing in the entire store that didn't cost a zillion dollars!)

We filled a few and she had a blast throwing them until they burst in the backyard when we got home.

Not a bad Thursday afternoon!

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