Tuesday, 11 March 2014

For the Love of Jen

I have written before many times about how much Sydney adores her preschool teacher Jen.  They have developed such a tight and wonderful relationship over the past two years of being together and I also have grown to love Jen so much.  She really is one of those amazing, special people who is one in a million!  We are so blessed to have her as Sydney's teacher. 

Sydney tells me every day how much she loves Jen and often asks me on the weekend what I think Jen is doing at any given moment.  She thinks about her so much in fact, that often when I ask her what she dreamed about last night she'll say "Jen". 

Almost every piece of art work that Syd brings home from school has written on it somewhere: "I love Jen".  My girl truly loves Jen to bits!

Today happens to be Jen's birthday and it was a very meaningful day for Sydney.  She had been talking for weeks about Jen's birthday coming up and wanted to make it a very special day for her. 

A few days ago she prepared some special cards to give her and wanted to know what we could give her for a present.

And then there was the cake.  We couldn't just make any ordinary cake for such a special person so we made a beautiful rainbow tie dyed cake and wrote Jen's name on the top with M&M's which Syd loving placed on by herself after I carved the letters in the icing on the top of the cake!

I had the pleasure of spending the day in class with the children today and we shared a very special celebration together for Jen's birthday.

We are also busily getting ready for Purim this weekend so I helped the kids make a batch of hamentashen today as well.  What fun!

It was truly such a special day celebrating along with Sydney, one of the most important people in her life, Jen.

Happy Birthday Jen!  We love you!

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