Sunday, 20 April 2014

Riding Her Bike

So a few weeks back I dug a frilly pink bicycle out of our garage that someone had passed along to me way back when Syd was a baby.  I knew that it would come in handy some day when Syd was ready to learn to ride her bike without training wheels.

Syd was anxious to get on the bike and try it, but after just a few minutes of not being able to successfully balance on it burst into tears, too upset to continue.  So I put the bike away and secretly thought to myself that I would enroll Sydney in Pedalheads, a bike camp, this summer and have someone else go through the grueling process of pulling the plug on her training wheels.

Paul however, was determined that he could teach her to ride on his own so this afternoon he took her out front of our house on the sidewalk to try again.

I stayed inside the house smugly thinking I would just mop up the mess that was going to ensue when another unsuccessful attempt was made at riding on her own.  I heard the phone ring about twenty minutes later.  It was Paul calling from his cell beckoning me to come out to the front of the house to witness this:

She was riding all on her own, a huge smile plastered across her face all the while.  And all after twenty minutes of fine coaching from her father.

What a day!  I told her that we would never forget Easter Sunday this year because it was the day she learned to ride her bike!

To celebrate we went to the brand new Menchie's that has opened in Kitsilano for ice cream.

We also popped by our friend Kaitlyn's house as it was her birthday today and her Mom had invited us over for cake.

The kids took such delight in helping Kaitlyn decorate her birthday cake!

What a great day, I am so proud of Syd and amazed at how quickly she learned a new skill today!  Ride on Syd!

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