Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back in the Saddle

It has been so comforting settling back into the routine of things this week, preschool, activities, reconnecting with friends and life as we know it after two weeks off of our usual schedule.

Sydney was so happy to return to school this week, I am trying to prepare both her heart and mine for the inevitable heartbreak that is coming in eight short weeks when we have to say goodbye to her beloved preschool classmates and teachers.  I still can't even think about it without choking up.

The preschool class enjoyed a wonderful field trip to De Dutch Paneokoek house this morning for breakfast, what a fun and memorable time!

We had a wonderful riding lesson this week, Sydney rode an old favourite pony, Becca Bear for a lovely road walk in the sun.  We had a great visit with Emma and her friend Emily afterwards enjoying this early bout of summer weather.

It was great to get back to art class this week as well, Sydney continues to build on her canvas in the style of Salvador Dali and made a huge pendant necklace out of Sculpy today too!

On either side of our trip to Disneyland we had some very special celebrations that I so want to remember in this space.

My friend Lori hosted an Easter brunch at her home on Easter Monday for the Dunbar families.  We enjoyed a fabulous meal followed by an egg hunt and photo session in their backyard with the kids.

Then Sydney had the chance to dye eggs for the first time ever!  Boy did she love it!

I so love that we are establishing traditions around all of the major holidays with our Dunbar families!

We also had the pleasure of celebrating Paul's great nephew Nathan's Bar Mitzvah the day after we returned from holidays.

It was such a special event and we were thrilled to share in the day and weekend of celebrations!

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