Friday, 11 April 2014

Art, A Seder & A Playdate

This week brought the start of a fresh term at art class for Sydney in her 'Artist of the Month' class at 4 Cats art studio.  The children are learning about Salvador Dali this time round, a familiar artist to Paul and I as we own one of his sketches which proudly hangs in our bedroom!

Sydney had the chance to start her new canvas this week, she is really in her element in this art class.  I am so grateful to have found somewhere that she loves so much!

Today was Sydney's last day of preschool before a two week break for Passover.  The children had their very own Passover Seder in class today, it was a very special time together.

Sydney helped me get all of the seder plates prepared this morning in class.

The children read through their very own Haggadah that they made this week, just love how Sydney's turned out!

After school we brought Sydney's friend Noa home to spend the afternoon with us.  The girls had such a fun time playing together, did a craft where they coloured their own placemat:

Then declared that they wanted to have a tea party using said placemats:

After all the treats at tea we decided to head out into the sun and enjoy some time at the park:

Before heading home for snacks and to get dressed for the Family Shabbat dinner that we all went to tonight.  Just love how the girls got all dressed up in dresses and even put lipstick on!

Noa has been such a great buddy to Sydney throughout the past two years that they have been in preschool together.  I can only hope that this is the beginning of a long and lasting friendship for these two!

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