Monday, 9 November 2015

Sydney's Halloween

For the first time ever this Halloween Sydney didn't have a clear idea of what she wanted her costume to be.  Every year we have run with a theme for Halloween but this year, despite me asking her several times, she decided that she wanted to wear something from her Tickle Trunk and decide at the last minute what she wanted to be.

We had three opportunities to dress up: our annual Dunbar kids party, her school class Halloween party and for actual trick or treating.

So two days before Halloween as I'm lying in bed with her to go to sleep she starts to cry and tells me that she doesn't want to wear one of her costumes to her class party on Friday, she would in fact like to be Anna from Frozen.  The poor girl is literally sobbing into her pillow, heartbroken that she doesn't have an Anna costume.

So, like any Mom of a heartbroken girl, I flew into action and texted literally every Mom I knew to see if anyone had an Anna costume that Syd could borrow as I wasn't sure I'd find one two days before Halloween in the stores!  My friend Ivy came to our rescue and lent us her daughter's costume.

So I proudly brought it home to Sydney thinking I'd saved the day until she tried it on, decided that it was too big for her and that she'd wear her butterfly fairy princess costume after all.  Sigh....sometimes you can't win for trying!

So three times in a row she was a beautiful butterfly princess.

Sally and Allan graciously hosted this year's Halloween party on the day that Dunbar Village does trick or treating at the shops.  The kids had a great time roaming from store to store gathering candy and comparing what they got with the other.

I had the pleasure of volunteering in Sydney's class for her Halloween party this year.  I even got into the spirit of things and dressed up like a ladybug for the occasion!  It was a fun time with the girls doing different stations and crafts and seeing them all dressed up in costume!

We so enjoyed trick or treating too, met up with Sydney's classmate Kristin and her family for a while and then headed to Jack and Christina's to meet up with the Dunbar gang to finish the night off.  It was dry and fairly warm this year so the kids really enjoyed themselves and Sydney came home with a bucket filled with candy so all was well.

Sydney was so excited to hand candy out at our place too, we only had a handful of trick or treaters arrive by the time we got home but she was thrilled none the less to give out what she could.

The candy fairy paid another visit to our house that evening and left Sydney with some great things, a new magical wand, some Shopkins and a Beanie Boo stuffy to add to her collection.

It was such a fun time, I love Halloween with Sydney!  

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