Thursday, 8 October 2015

40 Years

Well it's official, I have turned 40 years old.  It feels strange to write that.  Forty years!  What a wonderful month I had filled with birthday celebrations left, right and center.  My bucket is full.  I feel so loved!

In welcoming my 40th year I made a list of 40 things to accomplish in my 40th year.  Top of the list was to run a 10K race and, after months of running clinics and weekend runs with Angela and Susan, I accomplished my goal at the San Jose Rock and Roll race the weekend before my birthday.  I successfully ran both a 5K on Saturday and a 10K on Sunday to come home sporting three medals.  It felt pretty amazing!

I came home to the most amazing surprise from Paul and Sydney, two gorgeous bouquets of coral coloured roses, one to say congrats on my 10K and the other to say Happy 40th.  It was a wonderful surprise.

My sister Liane also threw me the most wonderful family party to celebrate my birthday.  She did a high tea theme and had the most beautiful china teacups and dishes and fancy little sandwiches and pots of tea and treats for all the guests!  It was amazing.  She strung pictures of me from babyhood to today all around the room and we had such a good time reminiscing and laughing and looking at pictures together.

I got so many beautiful gifts from everyone for my birthday too, especially loved the Pandora charm with a teacup and saucer from Paul and Stephanie and the beautiful Pandora ring and Sweet Sister charm from Liane and family.

It truly has been a month of celebrations.  My house literally looks like a flower shop from all of the gorgeous bouquets of flowers that I have been given.  I feel so loved!

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