Thursday, 15 January 2015


I don't know about you, but January has got to be my least favourite month of the year.  Sure, it starts with the promise of a new year, resolutions are made and anything seems possible, but the gloss quickly wears off for me.  January is a dreary month in Vancouver, often bringing thirty straight days of rain, few daylight hours and very little going on in our social calender.  It all makes me want to hibernate.

Sydney has been back to school for almost a full week since the winter break.  Waking her up in the morning has been such an ordeal these past few days.  It is still pitch black outside when we need to get up just shortly before 7:00am.  Sydney looks like a little angel all snuggled up under her duvet sleeping ever so peacefully when I go to rouse her.  I try my best to wake her up slowly, turn a lamp on, give her a million kisses, sing songs to her and chat with her about the day ahead.  All of this and she still rolls over, pulls the covers over her head and snuggles deeper into bed for a winter night's sleep.

And all the while I'm thinking: 'I hear you honey, in fact it's taking every ounce of strength I have not to jump right into bed with you, snuggle up and stay there for the day, or at least a few more hours until it's light outside!'  But alas, school beckons and we drag ourselves out of our warm beds and carry on with our morning routines despite the heavy, sleepy feeling that seems to take forever to lift.

For years when I worked in finance, January was one our busiest months as it kicked off the start of RSP season.  The month seemed to fly by as we hunkered down at our desks kicking off campaigns and sales contests and answering our never ending phones and e-mail.  By the time we lifted our heads it was March 1st and the flowers were blooming and we were well on our way to spring and brighter days ahead.  I kind of miss those days during this most lacklustre month.

So I've been spending some time thinking the past few days wondering how I can make peace with this month of January and bring a little fun back.  I've dug out a few of my favourite cookbooks and have decided that I'm going to try some new recipes this week and have brought back Thursday appy nights at home where we eat a few appies in place of a full dinner.  I've started reading a book and have sorted through toyboxes and closets making heaps of things to give away, clearing some space in our home.  Somehow it feels fitting right now and is taking my mind off counting down the days until this month is over!

Sixteen more days...not that anyone's keeping track!

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