Monday, 26 January 2015

10 Things I Love About You

When my nephews were young and I had tons of time on my hands, I used to try to think of creative things that I could give them for gifts.  I loved making things that I knew they would love.

One of the things that I decided to make for them was a book for each of them entitled "10 Things I Love About You."  In it I included pictures of various things that I had the pleasure of doing with them over the years and captions about character qualities that I loved about them.  I still remember one of the pages, a picture of my youngest nephew Kenan precariously perched on top of a horse with the caption: "You are so brave!" written in big letters across the top of the page.  It took a bit of cajoling to get him on top of that horse.  Sweet memories.

When making my list of 40 things to accomplish this year I added making Syd one of these special books to my list as I knew it would be something that she would love and enjoy.

I had intended to make it as a surprise for her one day while she was at school but this weekend we found ourselves with some free time when her ski lesson was cancelled so I pulled out the scrapbooking supplies and she and I sat on the floor of my office and happily created the book together.

There are ten pages that proudly read:

1)  You are So Energetic
2)  You are An Amazing Artist
3)  You Have a Great Sense of Humour
4)  You are a Good Friend
5)  You are the Best Baker
6)  You are so Joyful
7)  You are so Helpful
8)  You Love Nature
9)  You are Graceful like a Princess
10) You Love to Try New Things

Sydney flipped through it several times to read it and look at the pictures after it was complete.  I hope that it will be something that she will treasure in the years to come!

With a little extra time this weekend we had a special time hanging out with our friends Jack and Christina.  We took the kids to The Zone bowling at SilverCity in Richmond.  I can't believe how much fun the kids had!  What a great rainy day activity and something that we simply must do again!

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