Sunday, 11 January 2015

From Mountains to the Farm

We are on the tail end of Sydney's three week winter vacation from school, tomorrow morning we are back to business as usual.  It has been such a lovely break, a good balance of days at home alone with Sydney and a lovely family vacation wedged in between.

This weekend was spent partaking in a few very fun activities for Sydney.  On Saturday morning bright and early we headed up to Mount Seymour for Syd's first ever downhill ski lesson. 

After bundling up in her new ski gear she got fitted for boots, skis and a helmet.

Then outside we went to meet our instructor.  Sydney was a natural on skis!  She had a huge smile on her face as she tried her best to navigate across the snow, slipping and sliding the whole way!

Within minutes of meeting her new instructor, Emma, Sydney was skiing off with her to try her hand at working on skills down a wee hill.

I was so proud of her!  She enjoyed herself and did a great job!

Later that afternoon we headed back to riding lessons for the first time in a month, it felt great to be back and Syd was all smiles a top of Magic.

It was an active day for Syd!  Needless to say, she was ready for bed come bedtime!

This afternoon we celebrated my friend Liz's 40th birthday with a surprise party that her husband Nick planned for her.  It was a lovely time of getting together with everyone and helping Liz welcome in a new decade!

What a nice way to wrap up our time off, I'm feeling a mix of excitement and sadness tonight at the thought of having to send Sydney off to school tomorrow morning.  It's been so lovely having her home and just letting our days unfold as they may.

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