Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day

Today was an exceptional day in Vancouver, sunny and bright with a perfectly blue sky.  It was crisp and cool outside and blustery, the perfect fall day and enjoyed all the more as it was a stat holiday.

Sydney and I spent the morning at the Circle Craft market downtown, an annual tradition and one so worth keeping.  We wandered the aisles together looking at all of the amazing handmade things that over 300 artisans had made, it was amazing!

We bought just a few things with the promise that we will head back in the next few days while the market's still on to get a few more beauties.

At exactly 11:00 this morning the bagpipes sounded at the market and the entire room went still as we observed two minutes of silence to remember.  It was moving.

Sydney's fall activities are starting to wind down for the season.  She has just one more art class at her 4 Cats Artist of the Month class, they have been learning about Beatrix Potter the past few weeks and Syd created the cutest little mouse inspired by one of her paintings from polymer clay the other day.

We've celebrated a couple of friend's birthdays this past weekend too.  Sydney's friend Alexis turned 5 on Sunday and she had some of her closest friends to SweetSalt Bakery for a fabulous baking party to celebrate.

The kids got to make animal shaped buns and decorate their own sugar cookies before having cake and a play time together.

Alexis also loves Frozen, just loved her cake complete with the Frozen coloured lollipops.

Syd was thrilled to bring home a Frozen themed loot bag including a handmade snowflake wand and gorgeous snowflake bracelet.  Amazing!

We also celebrated Sydney's friend from school Berkeley's 5th birthday with a fun party at Phoenix Gymnastics on Sunday.  Syd had a blast playing with all of her buddies from school in the gym!

Syd has so been enjoying each and every one of her birthday gifts.  She and I took some time to assemble the Lego Friends kit from Auntie Liane and Uncle Eli the other day.

And she has been playing with the Frozen cell phone from Emma non-stop since she got it too!

She loves the special sparkly gel crayons that Kaitlyn gave her as well, has been busy creating some masterpieces with them lately!

We got a very special parcel in the mail the other day from Grandma, a handmade art smock lovingly crafted by Grandma and two gorgeous crocheted berets to go with it! 

Syd was thrilled to get a package and these new very special gifts!

It feels strange that tomorrow is Wednesday already after having a day off midweek.  It was a nice break.  Back to the grind we go!

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