Friday, 28 November 2014

It's Been a While

Where has November gone?  I can't remember a time in life where I have felt so incredibly busy and pressed for time as I have in the past few weeks, working full time at Paul's office covering for two staff members that are away, planning two birthday parties for Sydney's long awaited 5th, booking our annual vacation and keeping up with my duties as both class parent and a Mom to Syd.  It has been overwhelming to say the least.

I've learned much over the past few weeks about priorities, efficiency, boundaries and where my limits as a woman truly are.  It's been an interesting time that has left me feeling rather depleted and in need of a little reflection, renewal and recharging of the battery.

There were a million times over the past weeks when moments, both big and small, happened that I longed to share here but just simply couldn't find the time to carve out to sit down and share them.  They will slowly emerge in the weeks to come as I sift through my photos and remember the stories attached to them.

The highlights, of course, were the continued celebrations of Sydney's birthday.  A precious private celebration with our dear friends Michelle and William who were away on vacation for Syd's party and a party with her entire class from school at Yogabuttons.  What a day to remember!

The month ahead is going to be filled with many more wonderful memories as the holidays approach.  The timing couldn't be any more perfect as my heart is so in need of a little joy and cheer!

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