Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Post Birthday Fun

I always love the first few days after Sydney's birthday while we're all coming down off the high of her party and celebrations.  Sydney loves getting gifts more than almost anyone I know.  It is so meaningful to her when someone gives her something, she will remember forever who gave her what and talk with me about it in the weeks and months to come.

Syd especially loves the birthday cards that she receives every year.  She got so many beautiful handmade cards from her friends this year and she decided that she would make a display in the living room with them all at the base of the helium balloon bouquet left over from her party.

She even tucked her new Anna and Elsa dolls in there with the cards in keeping with her theme this year.  So cute!

Tonight Auntie Elaine stopped by with a very special gift for Sydney, a beautifully hand knit strawberry hat!

She also brought Syd a necklace craft kit which couldn't have come at a more perfect time, Sydney is the VIP in class tomorrow at school which means she gets to help out with special things all day and also is meant to bring something that she's made to school with her to share with the class.

So we made a necklace from the kit Auntie Elaine got her tonight and she is proudly toting it to school with her in the morning.

Syd has been enjoying several of the craft kits that she was given as gifts.  We started making the Cupcake Shrinky Dinks that Leo and Tessa gave her.

And she has beautifully painted the tea set from Addison.

Sydney brought home a special gift from school the other day, a beautifully framed princess that she made at 4 Cats while at her classmate Leah's birthday party.  Love it!

Speaking of birthdays, I got a beautiful belated birthday gift from my brother Paul and his girlfriend Stephanie on the weekend, a lovely bottle of wine, some coffee, a new cookbook and the coolest 3D animal cookie cutters.  All things I love, they know me well!

I also got a very special gift in the mail this past week, this beautiful hand made wooden salad bowl from Etsy using the gift certificate that my precious Dunbar Mommas gave me for my birthday.  I can't bring myself to put it away in the cupboard, it's so beautiful I just want to stare at it all day!

My sister brought me a special gift the other day too, a gorgeous box of silverware from her husband's late aunt.  I have always wanted a set of silver and am so thrilled to have this gorgeous set!

We also got something very special this week, some beautiful teacups from Sydney's Bubbie's home.  We will treasure these forever, some of them are almost a hundred years old!

We are enjoying the post birthday fun around here. 

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