Sunday, 13 July 2014

Heat Wave

Vancouver is smack dab in the middle of a beautiful heat wave with temperatures hitting about thirty degrees most every day for the past week.  We are loving it!  There's something about the warm weather that makes you feel as though you are on vacation!

The past few days have just zipped by with lots of fun activity.  Sydney did a two day art camp at the 4 Cats art studio to finish off last week.  The kids worked on two projects, one canvas and a clay bird on a mini canvas.

Here are Sydney's final results:

She loved being back at 4 Cats, came home every day covered in paint.  It literally took me days to get it out of her hair.  She asked me at the end of the camp when she could go back so I've officially decided to sign her up for another round this fall.

Sydney and I pulled out our very special Instamax camera that I've had tucked away for a while waiting for summer and went on a hunt around the neighborhood to take pictures of all the beautiful flowers and mount the instant pictures on a poster board.  What a fun summer project which we hope to do again with different subject matter several times!

Thursday night was a very special evening with my Dunbar Mommas as we celebrated Christina's birthday.  This year we have all chosen to do something a little out of the ordinary to celebrate and Christina wanted to do a salsa lesson for her celebration so we hired a personal salsa instructor to come teach us for an evening.

What fun we had packed into Lori's art studio learning a salsa routine for the first time together!  We laughed and danced the evening away before enjoying a few glasses of wine, some appies and Christina's favourite Koo Koo cupcakes.

What an evening to remember!

Sydney and I spent some special time together on Friday afternoon getting pedicures together.  We picked matching pink this time, although Sydney did alternating pink and gold sparkles on her wee toes.

I love how much Sydney enjoys getting her nails done, it is such special time together!

Sydney has been gearing up for her soccer camp this week by playing soccer in the back yard.  I set up a goal post with two giant water bottles and she gleefully kicks the ball in to score, it's so cute!

Friday evening we went for dinner with our friends Mike and Sarah at Bibo restaurant.  Sydney and Emma were so cute, running about the planters on the patio and when they'd bump into each other they would embrace with a huge hug.  It was adorable!

After dinner we walked up to Rain or Shine Ice Cream for dessert and then walked to the park so the kids could play for a while before bed time.  What a fun time together!

On Saturday we spent some time with Paul's Mom as she celebrated her 98th birthday.  We enjoyed some cake with her and brought her the very special card and present that we had gotten her.

Paul and I managed to squeeze in a bit of time together this weekend while Alexa was watching Syd.  We went for a long walk along Kits beach, stopping to sit on the rocks to admire the view, followed by sushi on a patio.  It was a lovely summer evening together!

This morning we took Sydney to Emma Lea Farms for some long anticipated blueberry picking.  What an amazing bumper crop there is this year!  Each of us had a bucket and in under half an hour we had all filled our buckets to overflowing!

Sydney was in her glory!  We ate a ton together and enjoyed some ice cream before heading home.

We finished our day off today with a splash in Maple Grove Pool with Michelle and William.  It was so incredibly refreshing to be in the cool water after several hot and sticky days!

Sydney is such a water baby, she is doing so well swimming, it's amazing to see her skills improve day over day.

Daddy surprised Sydney and I today with a beautiful bouquet of pink hydrangeas, Sydney had been asking for some for ages, she was delighted when she saw them waiting for her when she woke up this morning to add to the blue ones that we had already!

Here's to many more fun summer days like the past few that we've had!  Love, love summer time!!

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