Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Day in the Garden

This morning started off in kind of a surreal way, Sydney and I went to buy her school uniforms for this fall.  I still can't believe that in two short months Syd will be starting Kindergarten.  We had such fun trying on the different items that she'll need as part of her uniform, she looked so sweet all dressed and ready for school!

We headed straight from the uniform fitting to the school garden where, every Wednesday throughout the summer, we are able to help out in the garden with weeding and harvesting.

We met Lesley, the garden's caretaker, and got to work quickly picking Calendula flowers which the girls will dry and make into tea for a tea party in the fall.

Then we set to work harvesting Fava beans, what a bounty! 

Sydney loved that she could harvest the beans and then break open the pod to reveal the treasure inside.  She must have worked on this for the better part of an hour in the garden before sitting down with me to have some sun tea that they had made with fresh chocolate mint herbs from the garden.

Then we set about harvesting what we could take home for the day, a bag stuffed with salad greens, potatoes, turnips, shelling peas, carrots and, of course, Fava beans.

Sydney was thrilled to take her bag stuffed with veggies and edible flowers home!  What a wonderful morning in the garden, we look forward to many more as the summer unfolds.

We spent a wonderful day together yesterday celebrating Canada Day.  We had every intention of heading to Granville Island or downtown to take in some of the day's festivities but somehow all three of us just felt the need to be at home, serene and enjoying the amazing weather and each other's company.

We went for an early morning walk together into Kerrisdale, it was a lovely way to start the day.

Sydney wanted to stop at the community garden and take pictures on the "Lego blocks" as she calls them!

She brought home another gorgeous bouquet for me.

Then midday, while Paul napped in his easy chair in the back yard, Sydney and I walked up the street to the endowment lands for a nature walk.

Syd brought the kitchen tongs with her to pick up various items that she wanted to collect and bring home in her little basket.

What a perfect day together, it felt just right and I could tell that we all felt refreshed after our day together at home. 

Welcome July! 

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