Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Cup of Tea and a Day at the Beach

We are slowly getting into the groove of summer around here although the days seem to still be busier than a typical lazy summer day!

The weather has taken a turn for the best, super sunny and hot blue sky days, we are spending tons of time outside soaking it all up.

Yesterday we met up with my sister and headed to Jericho beach for a picnic lunch and some beach combing.

We had a lovely lunch and visit and then spent more than an hour wandering the beach looking for sea glass.  What luck we had!  We literally found hundreds of pieces in all shapes and sizes and colours.  Sydney even found a piece of red sea glass, very rare!  She was pretty excited!

In the end she had about half a sand pail filled with treasures which she lovingly sorted into jars by size when she got home.

This afternoon Sydney and I had a special time together at Capstone Tea House on Robson Street for high tea.

Sydney enjoyed a special blueberry infused fruit beverage with fresh fruit floating in it!

The treats were decadent, we so enjoyed them!

Seeing we were downtown, we decided to head to the aquarium to check out the newly renovated space that they just unveiled.  It was amazing, so beautifully done and lots of new and exciting things to see!

There was a polka dot piano outside the entrance, Sydney couldn't resist taking a few moments to belt out a song or two!

We're making summer memories, loving it!

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