Sunday, 11 May 2014


Today is Mother's Day, my fifth Mother's Day since becoming a Mom and I was so struck today with how incredibly blessed I am to have Sydney and be a Mom.  Before I had Syd I had a life that I loved, a great career, good friends and lots of fun experiences.  I was happy, life was great.  But it wasn't until after I had Syd that I realized how much fuller and more wonderful life could be as a Mom.  Being a Mom defines who I am.  Every good thing in my life stems from this little girl and today, on this day of celebrating Motherhood, I want to acknowledge what a huge blessing Sydney is in my life.

It was a near perfect day today, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I awoke to breakfast in bed served by Paul.  Two eggs, toast and tea just the way I like it.  What a treat and a fantastic way to start my day.

We lounged around the house for a while and then Syd and I jumped into a giant bubble bath together for a long soak.

After which we headed out for our annual Mother's Day lilac hunt, we picked some lilacs from both our own bush in the garden and some white ones in the back alley and made a gorgeous bouquet which we delivered to Paul's Mom.

This Mother's Day lilac delivery to Bubbie has become such a wonderful tradition over the years.

After our visit with Paul's Mom we headed to Point Roberts to roam around and have a look at a new development of cottages that is being built.  It was a stunning day and we so enjoyed our time there!

We stopped by Whitespot for some lunch together before heading home for an epic nap together, sheer bliss!

We woke up feeling refreshed and decided to head to the driving range, Sydney's new favourite spot to hang out and practice her swing!

After all that activity Syd set up a little picnic on the porch and we had dinner al fresco.  It was pretty great.

Happy Mother's Day to my own amazing Mom and all the Mommas that make my life so full and rich!

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