Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Little Swimmer

Today was Sydney's first day back to preschool and her first swimming lesson of 2014 at Aquaventures Swim Centre, where she has been taking lessons since she was six months old.  She has just graduated into the Turtle class so today she had a new instructor and group of kids in her class.

Anything new or different is always a little bit challenging for Sydney.  She is very cautious by nature and takes a long time to warm up to new people, activities or things in general.  I wasn't sure how today was going to go at Sydney's lesson.

We sat on the sidelines watching the classes before us finish up for a few minutes then her new instructor Nikki called her into the pool.  She cautiously moved towards the pool and sat down next to another kid in the class.  So far so good....

I quickly settled myself into a seat so I could watch her lesson when I suddenly heard a familiar cry and Sydney yelling: "Mommy, I'm tired!"  Sydney says this often for a variety of reasons, usually when she's unsure about something or doesn't want me to leave her somewhere.

I chose to stay seated while I watched Daniela, one of her past instructors that she knew well, come up to her and say a few reassuring words and then my brave little girl swam off with her class.

I was so proud of her, I could tell it was hard for her to push past what she was feeling but she did it and without any help from Mom.  My girl is growing up!

She had a great lesson and I think she is really going to enjoy the new challenges that this level brings.

My little swimmer!

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