Monday, 6 January 2014

A Clean House and A Playdate

Sydney and I spent her last day of vacation snuggled up together at home today.  We made birthday cards for her buddies who are celebrating birthdays in January, sorted through heaps of paper piled high on my desk, had snacks and played Candyland.  And all of this while our house was being cleaned top to bottom by Nena, our lovely housekeeper.  She makes me so happy as she mops my floors and shines my sinks and the house smells so clean when she's done.  Cleaning day is one of my favourite days of the week!

This afternoon Sarah and Emma came over for a visit.  After almost a month since we had last seen them, we had lots to catch up on! 

Sarah brought me the most bright and cheery mini daffodil plant, I just love the little pop of colour in my kitchen!

Emma brought Syd a special gift, a hairbrush that she had her Mom order off the shopping channel for both she and Syd that is supposed to help the tangles and make brushing less painful.  Syd was pretty happy with it, she brushed her hair out and then asked me to feel how soft it was. 

I loved watching she and Emma play in her bedroom, they dumped out her jewellery box and tried on all of her things and put a dozen hair clips in each other's hair.  It was super cute!

They each painted a little masterpiece too:

By Ms. Sydney Monet

By Ms. Emma Picasso

Tomorrow is back to school, Syd is super excited and Mom is pretty stoked too.  Here we go, head first into 2014!

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