Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day

Today is July 1st, Canada's 148th birthday.  It was a blazing hot day today in Vancouver, it feels as though it's been 25 degrees or more for several straight weeks, almost as though it will never rain again.  I am loving it!

We had a beautifully chill day as a family together today.  I got up early, before the heat was too intense, and got in a great run to keep up my training for the 10K race that I'll be running in September.  I love that I decided to run early in the morning on a sprinkling day, I literally ran through one sprinkler after another and was cool and misted the entire way there and back!

Just as I was getting home Paul and Sydney were heading out for a walk together so I joined them and we all walked up to the Starbucks on Dunbar for coffee together.  It is just so lovely to have a completely unstructured day with no schedule.  We hung out at home, folded laundry, played in the back yard with the sprinkler and in the bouncy castle, had a nap and barbecued delicious steaks for dinner tonight.  I haven't felt this relaxed in ages!

Having some extra time at home has meant that I've had more time in the kitchen to make a few homemade things and try some new recipes.   Sydney and I made a batch of mini banana muffins early yesterday morning with some overripe bananas from the fruit bowl.  Syd has made this recipe with me so many times that she can literally almost make the entire batch herself!

I had a hankering for crab cakes so I thought I'd try my hand at making some myself.  Thanks to a very simple recipe on Epicurious which you can find here, they turned out super well and were delicious!

Paul cut out a super fun recipe from the newspaper the other day for Gin and Tonic popsicles so I thought I'd give them a try!  With a very few key ingredients they were fast and easy to make and oh so delicious on a hot and sticky summer day!

Speaking of hot and sticky, Sydney has been embracing summer like never before, enjoying being outdoors, playing in the sun and water all day!  Her hair has grown so much, it is literally 2/3 of the way down her back so she often complains that it's too hot on her neck. We've been experimenting with various forms of updos, braids, ponytails, buns...loved this look from the other day.

We hopped in the car and headed to the beach to watch the sun set yesterday night.  It was an absolutely beautiful evening and Syd had such fun collecting a bucket of shells and making her own creation in the sand with them.

I hope that you had a great Canada Day wherever you were!

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