Thursday, 28 May 2015

Speed of Light

The title of this post today sums up how life feels right now.  It is humming along at a speed that I can barely keep up with.  I realize, looking back at past years at this time of year, that it is a notoriously busy time of year.  Things are wrapping up, school, activities, commitments and plans are busily being made for the summer months that lie ahead.

Rangoli Rave 2015

Whistler May Long
Elizabeth's 6th Birthday

I am trying more and more each day to embrace the craziness of this time, realizing that in the busyness I can miss those precious moments that come and go so quickly.

Yesterday afternoon Sydney had dance class after school.  I arrived at 4:00 to pick her up after working a full day with Paul at his office.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and Sydney wanted to stay in the school playground for a while to play so I found a comfy spot in the sun and watched her do the monkey bars like an expert for well over an hour.

In that time I had a wander through the school garden, a wonderful chat with the gardener and Sydney's teachers.  I connected with them in a way that I hadn't before simply because I had taken the time to slow down and let Sydney stay to play instead of hustling her off home, on to the next thing.

When we finally arrived home I realized that I was never going to make my 6:00 gym time so I called an cancelled and after a quick dinner Syd, Paul and I packed up and headed to Jericho Beach to watch the sun set while Sydney collected shells and barnacles and sea glass.  It was one of the most precious times that I can remember us spending as a family in recent memory.  I loved every second.

And yet, I struggle because I love to be busy.  I get such a rush looking at my daytimer and seeing days bustling with activity, from one thing to the next.  But the most magical moments with Sydney, they happen when we aren't doing something scheduled, they happen when I just let time unfold as it may.

It's a lesson that I'm just now starting to learn and I feel may change the rhythm of our lives if I can somehow embrace it.  We'll see...

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