Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day, my sixth since becoming a Mom when Sydney was born in 2009.  I love Mother's Day so much, far and away because the most magical of all the days of my life was the day that I became a Mom.  Sydney's presence in my life makes everything in my world better. 

I have treasured every Mother's Day with Sydney since she's been born.  Each one has been different with the overall tradition of spending the day together doing something out of the ordinary.  Today was no exception.  I have been diligently working on my list of '40 Things to Accomplish in my 40th Year' and one of the goals that I have is to run a 10K race.  In keeping with the training that I have been doing towards this, I signed up to do the 5K Fairmont Mother's Day Run this morning.

It was so exciting heading down to Stanley Park with Paul and Syd bright and early this morning to a sea of yellow shirts waiting to start the race.  I met up with my friend and Sunday morning running partner Angela, along with my beloved friends Sally, Allan and Ollie and we ran together chatting all the while.

Sydney made me the cutest poster that read "Go Mommy Go" decorated in her own special way and it was such a delight to see her and Paul waiting at the finish line for me cheering me on!

What a wonderful way to start my day, a beautiful run through an amazing part of our city with great friends and my two favourite people in the world waiting for me at the end of it all!

I love that Syd wanted to wear my bib at the end of the race and wore her running clothes as well in full support of me!  

Sydney has been diligently working on a special Mother's Day gift for me at school all this past week.  This morning I finally got to open it after days and days of hearing about this precious surprise.

It was such a lovely gift, a frame that Sydney had custom painted with a picture of her holding a chalkboard that read:  "I Love my Mommy because she takes care of me" in her own handwriting!

And then there was the card, so beautifully painted but the message that she wrote to me inside brought tears to my eyes:

Dear Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you have a good time doing the Mother's Day run with Susan, you, Angela and Sally!  You will reach in to the bag of surprises.  I hope you have a good time doing the Mother's Day run.  Me and Daddy will cheer you on at the finish line.  Have a good Mother's Day.  I love you so much, you are my best friend.  Me and Daddy love you.



My sweet girl, I am blessed beyond measure! 

We took some time today as well to visit Paul's Mom at her graveside as this is the first Mother's Day without her.  She loved lilacs so much and we always made a point of bringing her a bouquet every Mother's Day in the past and today was no exception.  It was lovely to remember her in this way and for Sydney to see her graveside for the first time. 

It was a lovely day, I truly am so blessed!

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