Monday, 20 April 2015

A Home for our Teacups

As you may have guessed from reading many of our past posts, Sydney and I love having tea parties more than anything.  We often have friends over for a special high tea time and will even sneak in a few special times around tea on our own. 

When Paul's Mom passed away several months ago one of the things that Sydney inherited from her was her beautiful collection of teacups, many of which are well over seventy years old!

We were so excited to have these new treasures and carefully stored them individually wrapped in paper towels in a box in our storage room waiting for a special occasion when we could use them.

This past weekend we brought home another very special item from Bubbie's home, her china cabinet and now we have a beautiful new home for her teacups to be displayed along with a set of teacups that are the exact pattern that my Grandmother had.  I love that they are housed together, a china cabinet filled with memories for both of us!

I absolutely love it!  Sydney was so excited to see everything all neatly put away and to have the teacups on display at long last instead of tucked away in storage.

I feel some tea parties coming on in our future!

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