Friday, 11 September 2015


I feel as though I am exhaling today for the first time in many weeks, finally able to sit down at my computer and reflect back on the fun weeks of summer with Sydney and what the fall will look like. 

Sydney's first day of Grade 1 was yesterday.  It seems hard to believe that she is already in first grade!  She had an amazing first day of school, said goodbye to me without a hint of hesitation and was bubbling with stories to share when I picked her up at the end of the day.

She most enjoyed getting to know her new teacher, Miss Nicole, better and her three class pets, two guinea pigs and a bunny all named after famous artists, Picasso, Monet and Frida.

Here's hoping for many more great days ahead for this school year.

Sydney and I took some time to make a fall display the other day to welcome September.  In the center is a gourd that we got at a market in Comox Valley where we went at the end of August on a very special trip with Auntie Liane and Grandma.

We stayed at an 80 year old farmhouse while we were there tucked away in a quiet and peaceful area of the valley.  It was beautiful!  We arrived to find a welcome basket filled with handmade goodies for us to enjoy.

We spent some time at Miracle Beach, the most beautiful beach and Sydney enjoyed exploring and catching crabs and collecting shells and rocks and other interesting treasures.

We visited a winery, ate some yummy meals and had a wonderful time relaxing and visiting together.

We managed to squeeze in another couple of little getaways before Sydney headed back to school.  We went to Whistler for Labour Day weekend.  Sydney tried the "Kiss the Sky" bungee trampoline for the first time, she loved it! 

Sydney and I also spent a very fun day together in Bellingham shopping for the day.  Sydney's love for clothes and fashion is growing by the day and she absolutely loves choosing a heap of clothes to take into the change room and trying them all on by herself and then coming out and showing me what everything looks like and deciding what she wants or doesn't want.  She's got a pretty keen eye for fashion and what looks good on her!  Syd especially loved these new gadgets on the table at Red Robin where she could play games and order right on the screen!

I've just spent some time looking back at the photos from the summer.  Here are a few memories from Summer 2015:

Take Off Fridays

Sydney loves riding the skytrain so she and I took a little trip out to the airport on the train and happened upon Take Off Friday there.  This special event took place every Friday of the summer at the airport and there were all sorts of special things going on for kids from concerts to face painters to games and activities.  Sydney enjoyed getting her arm painted and checking out the sights there before we headed to the new factory outlets to do some shopping together.

Liane's Birthday

Syd and I so enjoyed spending a sunny Sunday afternoon celebrating my sister's birthday at Rocky Point Park.  It was so fun to spend the day with Liane!


Sydney and I took in both Playland and the PNE this summer only this year we did each on a separate day which worked out really well.  We so enjoyed seeing the Peter Pan show at the PNE and Sydney had such a blast trying her hand at the rock climbing wall at Playland and enjoying all the rides with her friend Elizabeth from school.


Syd and I spent many a wonderful Wednesday morning at her school garden.  The school gardener made a batch of refrigerator pickles with the girls in the garden one day so Sydney and I tried our hand at making our own batch at home.  They turned out pretty well!

Pure Nails

Syd and I spent a few fun times at Pure Nail Bar getting our toes done this summer.  It's one of our favourite things to do together!


Sydney's love for golf continues.  She and Daddy spent many a day this summer at the driving range together.  I love watching her swing a club!

Hardwood Floors

The last six weeks of summer were spent with a house under construction as we went through the painful task of installing hardwood flooring in our home.  Let me just say that I am so done with renovations for the next long while and tired of my house looking like this!

New Car

One of the most exciting things that happened this summer was getting my new car!  I traded in my beloved Lexus for a brand new Infiniti QX60, it is awesome.  I am loving having more space and a bigger car and breathing in that amazing new car smell once again!

It was a wonderful summer filled with such great memories along the way.  I so loved the time with Sydney and the chance to deeply reconnect after having her at school for full days for a year!  

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