Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Working Girl

These past few weeks and months have brought about an entirely new experience for me, that of being a full time working Mom.  When Sydney was born, I was blessed to be able to give my job up and stay home with her full time, I never did take that time for granted although I have to admit that I didn't always love being at home all the time.  I missed working, having colleagues, going to business meetings, wearing a suit and carrying a proper handbag.  Many, many times I wished I could have both.  As the old saying goes, careful what you wish for....

I have been working full days at Paul's office since the beginning of September when his receptionist went back to school.  It has been hard, a juggle between trying to be a good Mom to Sydney and keep up with all the responsibilities at home and that I've taken on with her school and trying to be there for Paul at at time when he desperately needs my help.  I am burning the candle at both ends and in awe of Moms who do this every day of their lives.

To add to the fun we are in full on Halloween and birthday party planning mode with both Sydney's birthday and Halloween falling within two days of each other.  Never a dull moment around here these days!

Sydney has settled so beautifully into school.  It has quickly become like home to her and I am amazed at how quickly she is absorbing new things.  Almost every day she comes home singing a new song in French, amazing seeing just seven short weeks ago she didn't speak a word of the language!

Syd had a Pro-D day this past Friday so I took advantage of the fact that we had a full day to spend together and we headed to the states to shop for the day.

Oh the comfort of strolling through the aisles of Target and Trader Joe's with your best girl when you feel like your world is spinning out of control!

We had lunch at Red Robin, at Sydney's request, and then found a park to play at for a while in the afternoon.  It was a beautiful spot, Elizabeth Park, complete with a playground, beautiful trees and a gazebo.

I treasure these days with Syd so much now that they are few and far between!

This past Saturday we headed up to Dunbar to join in the trick or treating in the village.  Sydney was thrilled to try out her Elsa costume for the first time and happily gathered candy at each business despite the torrential downpour.

She came home like a drown rat and sorted out all of her candy by type, it was pretty funny!

We are so looking forward to Halloween day, Sydney has a party in class followed by a party at Lori and Marcus' house and trick or treating with our Dunbar friends.  Such fun!

This past weekend Syd also had the pleasure of joining the girls in her class for a birthday party for Leah, one of her classmates, at 4 Cats on Main Street.

The girls had such fun making a Sculpey princess and then sharing treats and cake together.  The first of many celebrations this year I'm sure!

Speaking of birthdays, last Wednesday was a special day for me as it would have been my Grandma's 102nd birthday.  Each year I try and do something meaningful to mark my Grandma's birthday and this year I found something while shopping that reminded me of her and how she took the ordinary and made it extraordinary.

This is a bottle of Welch's white grape juice.  It cost about three dollars to buy.  My Grandma loved this juice but would only treat herself to it about once or twice a year and even then drink only an ounce at a time, savouring every sip as though she was drinking nectar from heaven above.

I remember being a child and sharing a wee glass of this precious juice with my Grandma and feeling so priviledged to be given some.  It still makes me smile to think of how she took something so ordinary and made it so special.

So on her birthday I poured myself an ounce in a pretty cup and toasted my Grandma, who she was, how much she impacted me and how grateful I am for her influence in my life.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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